UPS Battery Inspections & Maintenance

Power Guard specializes in UPS backup power systems and batteries. Battery health and safety is a major concern for the reliability of the UPS system as well as the safety of the building in which the UPS resides. Battery maintenance and checks should be performed consistently to ensure the functionality and safety of the battery. Batteries left unchecked can cause fires and in some cases explosions. 

Please contact Power Guard to schedule your battery inspections and maintenance. We offer full lines of batteries for battery replacements as your UPS batteries near their end of life. The battery life can be shortened for a variety of reasons such as temperature in the room and cabinet, useage and age. Batteries that have been in place too long present an unsafe environment. Signs of batteries that need replaced are swelling, cracking and leaking. Never let your batteries get to this stage as the results are not safe and can cause failures, fires and even explosions. Power Guard generally recommends full battery replacement every 3 to 4 years depending on the size, UPS cabinet and environmental factors of the location. As summer approaches, data rooms can sometimes get warmer so it is important to have your batteries inspected and a full maintenance check performed on them.

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