Power Telematics:
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Stationary Generator Monitoring System

Remote monitoring provides 24/7 visibility into the core functions and components of a generator. Keeping you and our service team up to date on your generators condition to act fast when the generator has a problem

What would happen if your generator doesnt work when the power is out? The consequences could be severe! Taking advantage of 24/7 generator monitoring not only gives you peace of mind but helps improve equipment reliability.


The definition of generator reliability is simply: The power goes out and the generator works. Monitoring a generator ensures that the most critical aspects of that generator are being watched so you know the generator will work when needed.


One of the key features of monitoring is receiving alert notifications for generator activity. Easily set up emails and text messages to an unlimited number of recipients on the Power Link portal


A major benefit with remote monitoring is the ability to get faster service team response. If the monitor detects that the generator has shutdown, not only do you get the alert, but our service department does as well. We are ready to quickly tackle it, so you have minimal downtime.


Power Link is your online portal and central hub for generator monitoring. See current status, edit alert notifications, and even request services from our service team!


Monitoring is also designed around equipment longevity. By notifying you of any problems now, you can make small repairs now versus having major repairs later. More importantly, loss of power can be very costly.


Remote generator monitoring includes two basic components: The monitoring system installed at the generator set and the
Power Link online portal.

Monitoring Equipment

We install an electronic monitoring system that connects directly to your generator to track key activities and events. All events are logged and transmitted through cellular data to the Power Link platform.
We offer expandable monitoring to fit your needs with our optional accessory kits installed at the generator. Moni- tor utility power, gen voltage and/or current sensing and monitor the real-time status of a power outage.

Power Link Portal

Our monitoring platform provides you with instant access to the status of your generator as well as set up alert notifications via email and text.
Access Power Link on your desktop or mobile device
Power Link provides real time event logging/history, mapping as well as current generator status.

Best part of it all? Each monitor comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


Your generator is one of the most critical systems that you have. It’s imperative that it works every time the power is out. With
advancements in technology, our generator monitoring system is very affordable and an easy decision to add this service to
your maintenance plan.


  • Preactivated with AT&T or Verizon LTE Service
  • Internal Cellular & GPS Antennas
  • Connectorized Harness for Easy Installation
  • Over-The-Air Unit Configuration & Updates

Conditions Monitored

  • Generator On/Running
  • Generator Off/Stopped
  • Battery Voltage Monitoring with Low Battery Alarm
  • Exercise Tracking (Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly) with Missed Exercise Alert
  • Excessive Run Time Alerts (Running for 4, 8, 12, 24+ Hours)
  • Common Fault Alarm (If Output is Available from The Generator Controller)
  • Three (3) Additional Digital Input (Used with Generator Outputs or Optional Accessory Kits)
  • Remote Start/Stop Capable (Additional Control Relay may be Required)

Optional Digital Input Accessory Kits

UVD Kit (Utility Voltage Detection)

  • Utility Power On & Utility Power Off Tracking
  • Generator Running in Test Mode Notification
  • Generator Running due to Utility Power Outage Notification
  • Site Completely Without Power Alert (When Paired with the GCS Kit)
  • Site Without Power (When Paired with the PTK-GCS)

GVD Kit (Generator Voltage Detection)

  • Generator Breaker Open
  • Generator Voltage Sensor On – Breaker Closed

GCS Kit (Generator Current Sensing)

  • On Generator Power
  • Return to Utility Power